Yesterday was one of those days when Azealia Banks makes a series of Instagram stories that fill the top of your screen with microscopic dots. If you decided to tune in for the wild ride, you would have heard her hilariously pick apart Sweden, where she was visiting on a trip. She mocked America's aspirations to emulate "so-called progressive" Scandinavian countries, as she found them incredibly boring and surreptitiously racist. She repeatedly cited Sweden's strict laws on alcohol regarding when it can be sold as the reason they have such low crime rates, but also as the reason for why the country is so bland and why America would never be able to resemble it. This commentary resulted in her getting in fights with Swedish fans in her DMs and also making headlines in Swedish publications (which ticked her off). 

The self-proclaimed "Problematic Fave" also took some time yesterday to claim that both Cardi B and an entire issue of Dazed Magazine were biting her style. The former she accused of having undercover Atlantic Records employees lurking his social media for inspiration, while the latter she believed copied the Western aesthetic of the video and cover of her 2012 song, "Liquorice". 

After all this occurred in a span of 24 hours, Banks posted a short video of an altercation between her and a flight attendant. She tagged the airline company, Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), to inform them that she was racially profiled by someone in their crew who accused her of having sex with her boyfriend on the plane. Then, while Banks was filming the "white lady" and explaining the incident, Banks' phone is swatted out of her hand and she exclaims, "this lady just f****** hit me.