It was on Saturday (October 14th) that rapper Azealia Banks found herself wrapped up in another spat via social media as she exchanged a few words with comedian Jess Hilarious. The whole thing kicked off when Jess posted her regularly-scheduled “Jess With the Mess” clip on Instagram in which she goes through the week’s top moments, and it just so happens that Banks made the list after word spread of the young emcee’s concert tickets selling for a very low price.

Naturally, the acknowledgement didn’t sit will with Azealia Banks who then hopped into Jess’ comment section to reply, “You’re trying hard to make it onto the big screen with these daily audition tapes huh? Buckle down, and write a real script. It will get your further than the chitlin circuit. Go see Lovebeatsrhymes on dec 1st darling.,” she added of the new film in which she plays the leading role.

She then went on to double down on the comment, and returned to her Instagram feed to post a clip of the trailer to Love Beats Rhymes, the RZA-directed film that sports appearances from the likes of Jill Scott and Common. "Check out the trailer for my feature film with @Lionsgate. I figure since you've been such a help in promoting my concert tickets you could also promote my silver screen debut!!!! Im a leading lady!!! Maybe one day you'll make it here too. ❤️ cheers babe xx IN THEATERS DECEMBER 1st."

Of course, this was only fuel to the fire as Jess decidedly fired back at Azealia in a clip of retaliation. "Bitch mad at me because her tickets $16 on Groupon. Bitch I can't make that up. I told you my news is real, bitch," she began. "Bitch, I’m on my own tour…My comedy show tickets is more than your concert tickets. Bitch, you giving them away and they still ain't selling out. …I’m not giving you no pass. Everybody talking about ‘Something, wrong with her.” Bitch, you stupid, but you ain’t stupid stupid. You should be happy I even put you in my news. Niggas was like, ‘Damn, she got ticktets?’ Exactly.”

You can catch up on the full account below.