After B. Simone shared her recent Instagram photo, people were scrambling to find books on the Law of Attraction. While there are some people who keep their crushes under wraps, B. Simone had no problem telling the world of her love for DaBaby. The actress-entertainer-beauty mogul made it clear last year that she was pining for a little love from the rapper. "Man y’all already know WTF going on ❤️ Jesus i ask you for patience," she wrote on social media. "I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls 😢 He probably fake laughing at some lame hoe jokes… don’t worry king... A real clown is on the way! TF."

Since that time, B. Simone hasn't relented on sharing that she has a crush on DaBaby and the two celebrities have even exchanged flirtatious banter online. On Monday (March 30), Simone uploaded a photo to Instagram that sent the rumor mill ablaze. The picture seems to show Simone hugged up with a man who is grabbing her behind. The man's face can't be seen, but internet sleuths have matched the hand tattoos to those of DaBaby. If that is the case, then why was DaniLeigh arguing with his baby mama just weeks ago? 

B. Simone captioned the photo by writing "❤️ 🔐," only furthering the gossip about a possible relationship between Simone and her rap star crush. Then, she added in her Instagrma Story that she's the "manifest queen." Meanwhile, DaBaby's baby mama had a message for people sending her negative messages. Check it all out by swiping through below.