It hasn't been a great run for B. Simone as of late. First, her book was picked apart and accused of plagiarism, which the comedian owned up to and took accountability for. Then, she made some comments about the type of men she likes to date, saying that she won't let a man working a 9-5 job into her life

Following Nick Cannon's firing from ViacomCBS, there's a chance that his highly-popular show Wild N' Out will be canceled. One of the stars of the show, B. Simone, will possibly be looking for new jobs as a result and that has Twitter clowning her.

"B. Simone might just have to get a 9-5 Fr fr," wrote one commenter, channeling the energy of thousands who have been relaying that same sentiment.

B. Simone
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The star has not been active on social media in the last few days so she has not issued a statement about Nick Cannon's firing. However, we can assume she's not happy about his actions, which have possibly affected her own career trajectory.

Nick Cannon was let go from his partnership with ViacomCBS over recent comments he made on his podcast, which many have taken to be anti-Semitic. The media personality was speaking about the differences between Black and white people, saying that white people are "closer to animals" and "the true savages."