B2K's back on the road for their Millenium tour which was supposed to hit Jacksonville, FL this Friday. Unfortunately, Raz B has, once again, found himself in a bind. According to TMZ, the B2K member forgot his Louis Vuitton bag in a Lyft and now, he's accusing the driver of stealing it.

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Sources close to the singer said that he ended up catching a Lyft in the wee hours of the morning but he ended up falling asleep through the whole trip. He was half-asleep when he woke up and got out of the car, he forgot $2500 Louis Vuitton bag which contained his iPad. Like most people would do, he called the driver to see if he'd turn around and give him the bag back but apparently, the singer was hung up on. He later tried to reach the driver via text message but never got a reply.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem he's had to deal with while on the road with his former bandmates. Raz B was arrested at the top of the month for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. He later issued a statement and apologized for his actions before the charges against him were dropped.

On a better note, though, it was recently announced that he joined the cast of VH1's Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.