A few weeks back, the Palms Casino in Las Vegas revealed the first names off its list of "artists in residence" at the freshly unveiled KAOS Nightclub - the likes of which included Cardi BG-Eazy, J Balvin, Alicia Keys, Skrillex, and Travis ScottBillboard is now reporting that added measures were taken by the Palms Casino to add Latin and EDM flavor profiles to the program.

"We are incredibly proud to present the next generation of the Las Vegas nightclub and dayclub experience with programming that transcends so many genres of music," said Jon Gray, the acting manager of the Palms Casino Resort in a press release issued last month. "Every performance at KAOS will be unique to each artist with next-level production and unique technology that we cannot wait to share with our guests."

Puerto Rican megastars Bad Bunny Ozuna lead the new line of recruits. Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Breathe Carolina, Brooks, Cheat Codes, Gorgon City, Louis The Child, DJ Politik, and Vice make up the rest of the accepted applicants. The updated calendar reads as follows.

Bad Bunny
Nightclub: April 25

Dayclub: April 28

J Balvin
Nightclub: April 6, 26

Armin van Buuren
Dayclub: May 17, 26
Nightclub: May 16

Dayclub: April 14
Nightclub: April 20

Eric Prydz
Dayclub: April 26
Nightclub: April 13, May 11

Dayclub: April 12

Cheat Codes
Dayclub: April 19, May 12

Louis The Child
Nightclub: May 31

DJ Politik
Nightclub: April 5, 6

Dayclub: April 7, May 10