Bad Bunny is one of, if not, the, most popular Latin trap artists in the entire world, breaking out of his niche market to infiltrate the United States and its large base of Spanish listeners. The rapper is a favorite for many, releasing his latest body of work this month and watching his status grow even further. While this would regularly be the perfect time to celebrate an album release through listening parties across the country, the American public is being advised to stay home and practice social distancing to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Bad Bunny seemingly ignored that suggestion, showing up to an event and eliciting tons of fanfare, putting hundreds at risk in the process.

Considering the fact that you can pass on COVID-19 without even showing symptoms, it is imperative that we all practice social distancing by remaining inside of our homes for the next little while. Bad Bunny saw that advisory and didn't think twice about it, popping out at the party and posing for photos with a handful of friends and fans.

Bad Bunny coronavirus
Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The rapper was a little too close for comfort though. He hugs up on a number of women in the shot, although we are being advised to stay two feet away from anybody at this time. "Anoche en la peda," wrote Bunny, which roughly translates to "I got drunk last night."

The tweet has garnered some backlash, given the guidelines provided to us by countless countries and their health organizations. Are you holding Bad Bunny accountable for this?