Some things are better off existing in the television world. There have been several styles that fashion companies decide to bring from the fictional world into the real one, and often times, they don't transition well. On one episode of the hit tv series Friends, Joey Tribbiani dressed up in several layers of Chandler’s clothing to make a fashion statement. Now, Balenciaga is bringing Joey's fashion sense to life. The multi-layered look debuted on the runway for the Fall/Winter ’18 runway during Paris Fashion Week. According to TIMEthe heavy jacket is made from seven separate types of clothing, including a hoodie, a fleece jacket, multiple plaid shirts, and a puffy coat.

As expected, the internet immediately began to roast the fashion trend. Several posts popped up online where homegrown comedians decided to imitate the trend in their own way. Other just Photoshopped the Balenciaga models into Friends scenes. One young model, who was dressed down in a large red rendition of the layered jacket,  was transformed into the Kool-Aid Man.