A rapper from Baltimore named HazmatCaz has gone viral today, although maybe not for exactly the reason she might want. The reason for her newfound fame is that she sounds like Siri, Apple's virtual assistant who pings into your life every time you say "seriously" too loud. Someone who met her posted a video of her giving directions, GPS-style, on Twitter:

Apparently things are so hard to believe on the internet now that Caz had to go on Twitter herself and prove that the video isn't fake by doing the voice again. She debunked the haters, alone this time, in her little sister's bunkbed:

Now that she's getting more exposure for her Siri voice, but also for her music, Caz had this to say: "didn’t really want to go viral for this i’m a rapper but hey it’s all out there now *shrugging emoji* thanks everybody haha i’m lit and to anyone throwing shade saying i’m a phony let’s see you try it *laughing emoji" have proof that it’s me and there’s way more where that came from."

Listen to one of her most recent songs below: