Just over one year ago, it was reported that former President, Barack Obama, and his wife, Michelle, inked a multi-year agreement to produce TV shows and films for the streaming service Netflix. Despite the fact that comedian Chris Rock wasn't here for the announcement, the Obamas have announced that their same production company, Higher Ground, will be teaming up with Spotify for a new batch of podcasts. A press release states that the Obamas "will develop, produce, and lend their voices to select podcasts" as a part of the deal. 

 Mark Wilson/Getty Images

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to amplify voices that are too often ignored or silenced altogether, and through Spotify, we can share those stories with the world,” Michelle Obama said. There's no word yet on when we're to expect the still-unannounced podcasts in the production agreement, but their recently detailed Netflix roster will include a Frederick Douglass biopic, a scripted show following people of color in post-World War II New York City, as well as a preschooler-age series about nutrition around the world.

The news comes at the same time Spotify announced they're working on a new feature, "Social Listening," which would allow multiple users to control the playlist at the same time (which could be big news for those who ever find themselves debating with their friends over who should be in control of the AUX cord).