One of the biggest surprises of Young Thug's Barter 6 was the appearance of a new producer: Wheezy, who produced twice as many tracks on the album (eight) as Thugga's longtime producer London on da Track. Yes, it's almost too ridiculous that a guy named Wheezy produced most of a project whose name, at least to some degree, mocks Lil Wayne. Aside from the controversy, though, Wheezy brought a unique sound to Barter 6--slow, playful, and very drugged-out, as you can hear on "Constantly Hating"--that's gonna keep his name in the mix for a long time. 

Other than his name, which he's had from the beginning, recently adding the "h," Wheezy seems innocent of all drama between Thugga and the other Weezy. In fact, in an interview with Complex, the Atlanta producer voiced his wishes to work with Lil Wayne: 

"My take on the situation is that Thug and Wayne are in two different lanes: Thug is a rising star and Lil Wayne is an icon. Both should make more music [together], and I would like to work with Wayne in the near future. Nothing but up from here, you dig?"

We won't speak on the likelihood of any Weezy/Wheezy collabs--in the near future at least--but we can look forward to more Wheezy on Hy!£UN35 (read: Hi-Tunes), much of which has already been recorded. Wheezy says Hi-Tunes is "Barter 6 times 10 and overdosing on drugs." Uh-oh. Thoughts?