Baton Rouge, Louisiana police fatally shot 37-year old Alton Sterling, a father of five, who was standing outside of a convenience store selling CDs early Tuesday morning. 

The Baton Rouge Police Department responded to the scene because Sterling had allegedly threatened someone with a gun but when the cops arrived they were able to pin him to the ground. Then, while Alton Sterling was face down on the pavement they opened fire.

Witnesses caught the horrific video on camera but the cops are trying to paint a different story, claiming Sterling was killed during an "altercation."

"Sterling was shot during the altercation and died at the scene," the statement said.

Two officers have been placed on administration leave "per standard procedure," it added, saying the investigation was ongoing.

“His hand was nowhere (near) his pocket,” Muflahi [the store owner] said, adding that Sterling wasn’t holding a weapon. After the shooting, an officer reached into Sterling’s pocket and retrieved a handgun, Muflahi said.

“They were really aggressive with him from the start,” Muflahi said about the officers.

State Rep. Denise Marcelle said she was told by Baton Rouge Police Chief Dabadie that body cameras worn by both officers fell off during the incident and do not show the shooting. Marcelle said the chief told her there is footage of the shooting from the dashboard camera of one of the patrol cars as well as from at least one store surveillance camera. 

According to reports, a woman claiming to be Sterling's mother said he is a convicted felon who was recently released from jail on parole. The two officers involved have not yet been interviewed, because it is the department's policy to wait 24 hours before making a statement.

Meanwhile, protestors have taken to the streets and countless other public figures have voiced their outrage through social media while the distraught family of Alton Sterling searches for answers.

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