"I definitely contribute to pop culture every year, whether people know it or not."

Bobby Brackins is a fixture in the L.A. songwriting scene. The Oakland-born artist has leveraged his natural melodic sense into a music career both behind the scenes and behind the mic, crafting hits for the likes of Tinashe, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla Sign, while always keeping some material aside for his own use. His musical beginnings were in the Bay Area, as he formed a group called Go Dav in high school with his friend, Nicholas Balding, who would later become Nic Nac, the producer behind Chris Brown's "Loyal," and Pia Mia's "Do It Again," and a consistent collaborator of Bobby's.

After Nic moved to L.A. to pursue music, Bobby followed in 2008, where he began to build a solo career, eventually landing his first hit in 2010. "It really all stems from the first big song I ever wrote called “143” which was my song with Ray J," he said. "I got a publishing deal right after that." That deal is what got his foot in the door of the songwriting business. "Right after I got my publishing deal, they started setting up sessions. I was really only focused on my stuff, but I wrote another song for Ray J, “I Hit It First”. After that song came out, my publishers wanted me to start writing not only for myself, but for other people. They started introducing me to other people too. They actually introduced me to my friend Red Wine who made the beat on [Tinashe’s] “2 On”. They make introductions when they can. Some of them don’t end up being the best sessions, but some of them end up being cool connections to build from."