As if one Kardashian cheating scandal in the NBA wasn't enough for the year, Kendall Jenner just had to swoop in and prove us wrong (or right?) After going on a double date with Pheonix Sun Devin Booker and Jordyn Woods, the new couple of Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons spent some more quality time together at a luxury Beverly Hills hotel. From the looks of things, Kendall stayed the night as she brought an overnight bag along with her. 

Just weeks after Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal broke out while girlfriend Khloe Kardashian was pregnant with her first child, Ben Simmons is wrapped up in a similar amount of drama, being called out by Tinashe's brothers for breaking her heart after allegedly cheating with Jenner. While they have not been seen together often, Kendall and her NBA boyfriend have been making the most of the last two days with plenty of photographers spotting them. TMZ managed to catch the couple entering the Waldorf Astoria, a fancy hotel in Los Angeles where the two reportedly spent the night. 

With Ben Simmons moving on fairly quickly, Tinashe attempts to do the same, hitting up a nightclub where she was spotted chatting with Simmons' Rookie of the Year competition, Donovan Mitchell. Increasingly difficult to keep up with, this love triangle has much more than just three sides at this point. Check out a video below of Jenner and Simmons arriving at the hotel, overnight bags in tow.