Ben Simmons has been slandered quite a bit over the past few months and it is all thanks to his performances in the playoffs. While Joel Embiid was carrying the Philadelphia 76ers on his back, Simmons could be found putting up anemic numbers that had fans wondering where the superstar player went wrong. With a lack of confidence and shooting ability plaguing his career, there are those who believe Simmons needs some new scenery if he wants to go back to his old ways.

While the Sixers originally said they wanted to ride things out with Simmons, it appears as though various teams are trying to make a play for the star player. The Sixers have been entertaining numerous offers and now, it seems like a trade could be imminent, especially with this latest development.

Ben Simmons

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

According to Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report, Simmons has pretty well ghosted the team and won't return the Sixers' phone calls. At this point, the Sixers don't know what to do, and a trade could be the only option available.

Per Fischer:

"I’m not gonna write this in the story, but I’ll tell this to you guys and you guys can do what you want with it. They haven’t been able to really even get in touch with Ben since the season ended. Like, there was an intent to have a workout plan or whatever — like in any offseason…It just doesn’t sound like there’s ever been movement to come together on the same page to do that, and it hasn’t really worked this summer either."

This is bad news for the Sixers, although if they really want to get rid of Simmons, then it could be a blessing in disguise. As of today, teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, and Toronto Raptors are all showing interest in the star.

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