This season has been a difficult one for the Philadelphia 76ers. They came into the year with high expectations as many felt as though they had a roster that was good enough to go out and win an NBA title. However, things haven't gone as planned as the 76ers have struggled at times this season. Unfortunately, with the playoffs quickly approaching, it appears as though things have gotten exponentially worse for the team as Ben Simmons went down with a pretty awful-looking knee injury.

Now, the 76ers will likely have to go without him for the remainder of their season, as he was granted leave from the NBA bubble. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Simmons will be getting surgery on his knee which is why he will be gone for so long. In fact, it is believed that unless the 76ers make the Finals, Simmons won't be back this season.

This is a massive blow to a team that had the potential to play spoiler for many contenders in the Eastern Conference. Just last year, the team was a game away from the Eastern Conference Finals, which just goes to show how much depth and talent they have,

Stay tuned for updates in regards to this situation as we will be sure to bring you the latest.