The rumors of LeBron departing Cleveland have run rampant, some have even been a little distracting I'll admit it myself. Whether it's a billboard being erected as recruitment device, or a news item about LeBron's new dwelling in Brentwood passing inspection, it all falls under one header: LeBron not having the right resources to complete the task. Well LeBron has come this far, and we're still talking. Even his competitors have been asked to weigh in on whether they'd accept a smaller role in the case of LeBron joining their ranks in the offseason.

TMZ caught up with Ben Simmons while he was awaiting a taxi outside of LAX, and wasted no time asking him say one way or the other, whether he'd like LeBron to join "the Process." The reporter asked him if he'd consider playing with LeBron, and much to his surprise Simmons' response was unenthusiastic to say the least, but a definite "Yes." When asked if they would encounter trouble on the court, considering both he and LeBron are facilitators, Simmons left it open to suggestion by saying "There's only one way to find out, man." Simmons also took a moment to completely deflate his once budding feud with fellow rookie phenom Donovan Mitchell.

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