As the year winds down -- much to the delight to those hoping for a more uplifting 2021 -- we still have a few big hip-hop releases to get through. Of the remaining projects, Benny The Butcher's Hit Boy-produced solo album Burden Of Proof is one of the most anticipated. Especially following the revelation that he would be collaborating with Lil Wayne on a Hit-Boy produced banger. Now, Benny has officially come through to announce the first single off his forthcoming project, "Timeless," which features Lil Wayne and a mystery feature.

Benny The Butcher Lil Wayne

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

"I haven’t dropped a solo project since June 21st 2019 and I feel like my shit been the Most Anticipated Album of the year," writes Benny, sharing the official artwork for the new track. "I kno the streets need this one so FRIDAY I’m droppin my first single off BURDEN OF PROOF “TIMELESS” and I kno some of y’all heard the leak Thts cool cause then u kno the 3rd verse was open and y’all ain’t here tht  me and @hitboy not playin."

Though he has opted to keep the final guest a mystery, many fans have already begun speculating as to who might be coming through to round things out. It appears that we'll have to wait until Friday to solve this particular mystery, though given what we've already heard from Benny and Wayne's upcoming "Timeless," it's sure to be worth it. Check back for Benny's lead single off Burden Of Proof this Friday, and be sure to stay tuned for more news on the release date whenever that surfaces.