The OWN Network is tapping into relationship drama for their new series Love Goals. There are plenty of shows that focus on the divides in once-happy relationships, and now four famous couples will live together while working out their problems with their significant others with the help of a therapist named Spirit. The couples are Benzino and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Althea Heart; former Basketball Wives star Sundy Carter (who allegedly used to hook up with Benzino) and Breyon Williams; former NFL wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and his wife Theresa; and Spinderella along with her fiancé Q Coleman.

Benzino Althea Heart Love Goals
Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty Images

According to reports, the couples were held up in a luxury home for two weeks as they aired out all of their dirty laundry for reality television cameras. On the show, Spirit said that she believes any two people can make their relationship work if they communicate and execute their "love goals" together. The first episode recently aired and by the looks of things, the premise is much like Marriage Boot Camp but with deeper therapy sessions.

The couples tackle everything from infidelity to anger issues to verbal abuse to "leeches" who take advantage of one's fame. There are plenty of tears to go around, but Benzino and Althea steal the show with their ongoing arguments that get so out of control that security needs to separate them. Check out Love Goals below.