Eminem is one of the most gifted lyricists to ever grace the microphone. His mastery of the English language seems like a fantasy, especially considering the man never graduated high-school. Throughout his career, Marshall has effortlessly created art with syllable-bending metaphors and sadistic wordplay, and last week, Marshall released his ninth studio album, Revival, to mixed reviews. While some longtime fans bashed Revival as Em’s worst album yet, others praised it as his best effort in over a decade.

I can agree that Eminem’s delivery is cringe-worthy at times, but lyrically, Revival holds its own against many major rap album released this year. Although political statements have never been off-limits for Slim, on Revival he takes his “Mosh” angst to the next level, attacking Donald Trump continuously throughout the album. Even if Em's anti-Trump message may arguably miss the mark on songs like “Like Home” or “Untouchable,” his motives remain admirable; middle-aged white men lacking college degrees are Donald’s most precious demographic, so it’s amazing to see a middle-aged white man without a degree continuously bashing Agent Orange.

Outside of the overly politicized singles, Em’s lyrical content hasn’t changed much. Yes, his views on love, fatherhood, and family have matured throughout the years, but the rap veteran is still heavily invested in broadcasting his relationship with his daughters, mother, and ex-wife. And while Revival features many emotional cuts, Revival also features the inevitable return of Slim Shady. His rude, misogynistic, and violent humor is still sharp, and I found myself laughing at lyrics about rape and violence during a time where people seem to get offended at the slightest remark. Not to say men like Harvey Weinstein don’t deserve to be destroyed, but it's still satisfying to hear Marshall assault the masses with his unapologetic sense of gallows humor. 

Em’s lyrical onslaught reaches feverish heights on “Offended,” “Framed,” and “Chloraseptic,” easily the best tracks on Revival. It’s on those records the Em reminds us that he’s one of the best to ever do it. Would your favorite rapper diss Em? I doubt it. The power of Marshall’s pen is too powerful to battle. Whether you hated Revival or you loved it, his lyrical prowess remains his strongest attribute. Don’t believe me? Well, here are the best lyrics from Em’s latest project. You be the judge.