Football fans around the nation wait for February to arrive so that they can see the culmination of another intense NFL season, crowning a victor among thirty-two teams ferociously battling to gain supremacy. Pop culture fanatics equally use the opportunity to watch one of the most-anticipated musical performances of the entire year during the coveted halftime slot. Even if you're not a big football or music fan, you can still find enjoyment on Big Game Sunday with all the extravagant advertisements airing on network television.

During the last week and a bit, we've been granted some previews of what to expect come Sunday with commercials being heralded by Post Malone for Bud Light, Lil Nas X for Doritos, and many more. On top of exclusive trailers, teasers for upcoming films and television shows, and more being catered toward entertainment junkies, promotional firms paid millions of dollars for primetime advertising spots during the sporting event. With major corporations budgeting disgusting amounts of money for their Super Bowl ads, viewers were left smiling, laughing, crying, and more from the commercials being presented. If they succeeded, some of y'all may even be putting some money aside to cop their product. 

With so much goodness airing during the breaks last night, we've rounded up the best Super Bowl ads below. Let us know which one was your favorite.