People haven't been able to stop talking about Beyoncé since her incredible headlining performance at the Coachella music festival last weekend. The set included several outfit changes, dozens of back-up dancers, a performance from Jay Z, and even a Destiny's Child reunion. However, there was a much smaller moment during the performance that made a very special impact for one person in particular: O.T. Genasis.

Partway through the set, Beyoncé and her legion of dancers performed a choreographed dance to Genasis' 2017 track, "Everybody Mad." The song was also accompanied with a live horn section playing on top of the beat. 

TMZ caught up with Genasis and asked him about his reaction to the news that Beyoncé had honored him with her performance. In the video, Genasis explains that he was on the way back from his own performance while on tour, and was caught completely off-guard by the sudden influx of texts, tweets, and bee emojis blowing up his phone. 

He continued by saying, "I sat there and I chilled and I thought about it, and not just did she use my song, but then the band played to it. You actually have to put that together and be at rehearsal and say 'we want this to sound like this and this to sound like this and put these horns on this.'" He later goes on to say that he felt the song didn't really get the credit it deserved because it sounded different from the rest of his catalogue, so for Beyoncé to recognize that was very special.

You can watch O.T. Genasis' reaction down below.