Beyoncé stunned Instagram on Saturday night with pictures of the outfit she wore to Tyler Perry's studio opening. She took over people's feeds with not one, BUT THREE, slideshows displaying her scintillating gold dress from various angles. The dress is by Kuwaiti designer, Yousef Al Jasmi, whose signature style consists of these sorts of body-hugging garments. 

As occurs every time Bey wears a body-hugging garment, Twitter users began speculating whether she's pregnant. This happened last month when the Queen B posted a photo in which she was covering her stomach. That rumor was dispelled a few days later when she was spotted drinking cognac at Jay-Z's Made In America festival. It appears people struggle to differentiate between ordinary curves, or slight weight gain, and baby bumps. 

However, this time, people are more convinced that Bey's FACE indicates her potential pregnancy. Some pointed out that her nose appears wider than usual, citing this as a telltale sign. Regardless, Beyoncé will probably stop gifting us with all these dazzling photos if people keep saying she's knocked up every time she does. Don't ruin this for us and let Beyoncé be great! 

In other news from the Tyler Perry Studios launch party, Bow Wow got dragged for tweeting that his value went up after meeting Bill Clinton, despite being in a room filled with Black icons (such as Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington & Beyoncé!).