We've already heard about many of the confirmed performances at this year's Grammys, but chances are there are still a few surprises planned for the big event. Unfortunately, these days it's pretty difficult to keep a surprise under wraps, and a report from the Los Angeles Times points to a rumor that Beyoncé (and Madonna) will be performing at February's ceremony.

Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich did not confirm the appearance, but he certainly didn't deny it. “Let’s put it this way … We have a really great history that goes back to the early days of Destiny’s Child. I love working with [Beyoncé]. She’s incredible." he said. "She is so into what it is that she does and making sure that everybody who sees her walks away saying, ‘wow’.”

Ehrlich then dropped a pretty big hint. “Should she be on the show this year? I would think that the potential is there for that kind of moment.”

Yoncé has not commented on the rumor.

The Grammys air 8 p.m. EST on Jan. 26th.

[Update: Performance With Jay Z Confirmed]

Beyoncé and Jay Z have been announced as official performers at the 56th annual Grammy awards. An ad for the ceremony aired on CBS, announcing that both Mr. and Mrs. Carter would take the stage on the big night. The couple will most likely perform together, and we're guessing they'll give us a rendition of Bey's "Drunk In Love," but chances are we'll probably get a bit of a medley from the frequent collaborators.

The Grammys air this Sunday, January 26th on CBS.