Beyonce and Jay Z's recent OTR II Atlanta show had an unexpected visitor when 26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell rushed on stage to seemingly run after the husband and wife. Video footage shows Anthony appearing out of nowhere and following Bey and Jay as they exited the stage. Thankfully, the backup dancers and security intervened before anything suspicious could have happened. 

Anthony was given a citation for disorderly conduct and released but police followed up with a charge of battery. Now that the drama and the viral video has died down, Anthony hopped on Facebook to share a few words on his actions and he does not seem apologetic in the least.

"Still look good, I look [...] wish you could touch my swag wish you could," he captioned three photos of himself. In another post, Anothy alludes at having an issue with one of the security guards and wanting to fight him "one on one," explaining how the issue was between "me and him." There's no word on where Anthony's battery charge will take him or if he's called on a lawyer.

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