It appears the company who built Jay Z & Beyonce’s new Bel-Air mansion is the victim of a new lawsuit. According to TMZ, Qwest Engineering is suing famed real estate developer Dean McKillen and Cuesta Estate, the developers of Bey and Jay-Z's $88 million estate, for allegedly stiffing them on at least $200k of work Qwest says it did on the house prior to it being sold to the power couple.

Qwest says the developers asked them to do all the excavating on the house and to specifically carve out a space for a future basement. But to meet those specifications, Qwest says that required a shit load of dirt to be taken out, about 2,000 sq. feet at a height of 12 feet and 888 cubic yards. Of course, they were able to dig out the dirt over a 5-6 week span, but only while McKillen and Cuesta breathed down their necks in the process. When the work was complete, Quest went to settle up with McKillen and Cuesta, but never saw a dime of the $205,337 owed to them.

They are suing for more than $1.8 mil in punitive damages, which McKillen and Cuesta definitely have. According to reports, the developers made a boat load of money from Jay Z & Beyonce’s $88 million purchasing price. Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta paid only "a small fraction" of that purchase price to demolish and reconstruct the home that was eventually sold.

However there’s always two sides to every story and McKillen & Cuesta say the lawsuit is based on false information, and that Qwest isn’t owed that money. I guess time will only tell how this story plays out.

Check out photos of Bey & Hov’s mansion (below).