Beyonce has quickly gone platinum, after releasing Beyonce to great fanfare just two weeks ago.

The numbers are pretty well-known by now, the album sold 617,000 units opening week, while moving 80,000 in three hours on iTunes alone. The visual album landed at #1 on the Billboard 200, where it is expected to stay for its second week on the charts.

In her second week out, the album moved 383,000 units, which now includes physical copies of the CD. No doubt, Christmas shopping can be thanked for many of her sales. 

Congrats to Bey on her platinum effort!


[Update: Third-Week Sales Projections Are In]

According to Billboard, forecasts from various industry sources predict that Beyonce could've potentially sold another 250,000 copies of her new self-titled visual album this past week. If this is indeed the case, it'll be her longest-running number one album yet. 

The official numbers will be released on Thursday, January 2nd.