The latest rumour that's making its way around the web is that Beyonce is no longer for SoulCycle because her hair once got stuck in the wheel. "Beyoncé worked out at the public SoulCycle classes all the time last year, but a few months ago she had really long braids and hadn’t tied them back properly," an unnamed source told The Sun.  "She was getting really into it when one got caught in the wheel. She had to stop straight away, and there was a bit of a commotion. Bey couldn’t move and the panicked staff had to yank her hair out of the machine. It was a real scare."

Well, that elaborate tale is thankfully all fake - it didn't happen at all. A source tells TMZ that it's simply not true. The closest thing to that happening was her previous attendance at Montreal's Bell Center where her hair got caught in a fan on stage. Whoever made this story up about her SoulCycle happening is giving the workout class some bad PR. 

As for more Beyonce news that could very well be true, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Wiliams are said to be joining her for certain stops for the "On The Run Tour 2."

“Beyonce worked tirelessly on her Coachella headline performance but the crowning moment was her medley with Kelly and Michelle. They really enjoyed working together again after so long and now Bey is keen for them to be part of On The Run II," a source said. “The girls have their own work commitments and families but could fly out for certain dates to surprise fans because they’re all aware of the demand for a reunion. It is the perfect way to celebrate 20 years since their debut album.”