Considering how much Beyonce switches up her outfits and elaborate looks, she's not one to really switch up her hair colour. Yes, she changes the style but she's always usually rocking a honey blonde type of look, so when the singer was in Johannesburg this past weekend performing at the Global Citizen Festival with a new hair colour, people noticed. 

Her hair switch-up even brought on a new kind of trend. In the photos, you can see that the front hairs are still honey blonde (she couldn't let it all go) while the back is more of her natural colour. 

Beyonce go-to hairstylist previously spoke about guiding Bey with her blonde hair choices and how they settle on the perfect colour. “We look at pictures and go back and forth. I tell her what I think. I always come to people with my ideas. We can go left and right but we decide that this neighborhood is where you belong," Rita Hazan told Allure. "People need dimension and contrast. When you’re thinking about going blonde, am I doing this as a look or a lifestyle? If it’s a lifestyle, you want it to be real."