Kanye West and Lil Pump came through last week and dropped off a brand new song and video, "I Love It," that saw them boasting oversized Yeezy slides and Yeezy wear. Despite Kanye's verse being on the catchy side, the track has yet to break into the Billboard Hot 100 and it might be because people have the same opinion as Bhad Bhabie. 

The "Hi Bich" rapper hopped on Instagram and shared a video where she speaks her truth on what she really thinks of the new collaboration. "No disrespect to Pump or Kanye, I love ya'll both, but honestly that new song that ya'll two motherfuckas just put out is so fucking terrible. Like, that is literally the worst rap song of all time."

Pump or Kanye has yet to respond to Bhabie's opinion on the matter, but as Kanye has said numerous times: "I don't take advice from people less successful than me."