Bhad Bhabie is asking for a music app to cough up a few M's for using her likeness, TMZ reports. The 15 rapper's lawyers sent a cease and desist to a music app called Vezt -- an app where fans could acquire the rights to their favorite songs -- who she claims has been using her images in their advertisements without her permission.

The rapper is threatening legal action against the app for using her likeness without proper consent, but she's willing to settle it for a $3M. In legal documents filed by her lawyers, they claim the rapper lost out on $3M business deal due to the exposure Vezt gave her without proper authorization. She's demanding Vezt covers the money she lost out on from her other business deal if they don't want to deal with a lawsuit. 

Bhad Bhabie said that she declined to work with Vezt in the first place, but they still used her image and her name. In addition to the $3M she's asking for, she's also demanding the app completely rub her name and image from their app and their social media accounts. She also wants to know how much they made off of her.

Bhad Bhabie is giving the music app fifteen days to remove her name and comply with her requests before she takes legal action against them.