We recently posted on the beef between Bhad Bhabie (A.K.A Danielle Bregoli) and DJ Suede, as the DJ allegedly ripped Danielle off from a substantial amount of royalties after he used her "cash me outside" audio for a remix.

The 14-year-old's mother was leading the lawsuit asking for $250K. After Suede got word of the case against him, he responded saying, "My team/lawyer already read y'all the contract several times for months and we have EVERYTHING on paper! HOW BOUT DAT," he said, adding: "Smh lol 15 minutes went by pretty fast huh."

TMZ caught up with the "Mama Don't Worry" rapper once again where she has a few choice words for Suede's response to the matter. "Fuck him, no one even knows who he is," she says. When asked about the possibilities of her music reaching fans in North Korea, she says if that day comes it means "people in North Korea have good hearing" adding, "they have 20/20 hearing."

On the topic of Lil Pump's recent $350K purchase on chains and whether she would drop that much on jewellery, she replies saying no, and details what she would spend her cash on. Watch the video below if you're really curious.