In the wake of her feud with Skai Jackson this week, Bhad Bhabie has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate from people online, and it looks like it’s really getting to her. On Friday afternoon, Danielle Bregoli decided to post (and delete) a message that left many fans of hers concerned for her well being.

In a since deleted post on her IG story, Danielle calls out the haters for coming at her and even threatens suicide, saying “they’ll only be happy once I'm gone.” She adds that whatever she does people are hating her, and she can "see why" people kill themselves over internet hate.

“Y’all only gonna b happy when I kill myself on god like y’all hate me so bad for whats the reason what did I personally do to any of y’all!!! Y’all hate me for standing up and defending myself y’all hate me[.] If I get a tan y’all hate me if my hair is curly y’all hate me if I get a tattoo y’all hate me ifI breathe!! Y’all never give me a fucking break. This shit is stupid asf I see why ppl kill them selfs over internet hate.”

This latest post comes days after Danielle received a lot of hate for her massive new arm tattoo, which she got two days ago. That, along with her feud with Disney star Skai Jackson, saw Danielle on the wrong end of the hate this week, and she’s dealing with it now.

Let’s hope Danielle is okay and she gets the help she needs to cope with the online hate.