BIA Reps The Birkin Movement On New Episode Of "In My Bag"

Mitch Findlay
December 16, 2020 15:06

In the new episode of "In My Bag," BIA brings a Birkin to the table and breaks down her essentials, from candy to weed to lip gloss.

Today marks the arrival of a new episode of HNHH's In My Bag series, this time featuring an appearance from BIA. "Since there's a little Birkin craze going on, I brought my Birkin," reveals BIA, drawing attention to her pink and red bag on the tabletop. "Something you need to know, when you see this horseshoe right here, this is a 1-of-1. And it's for BIA. I love this bag so much, when you see the color it reminds me of me." Where previous In My Bag subject RMR utilized his bag to carry a variety of collectible memorabilia, BIA opts to come heavy on the beauty products, pulling out everything from perfume to a case for her sunglasses.

Image via HNHH

"I like a good selfie," she admits, revealing a selfie-ring light. "I like to take it on my own. What I do sometimes is put my ring light and I get it going. There's no way you won't get the good content from me, baby." She also busts out not one, but three phones, placing them face down to keep things private. "This is my trap phone," she says, sliding the black case to the side. "This is my new phone, I haven't set it all the way up yet. I don't know who exactly I'll give this number to, it'll be real selective. Real private." 

She proceeds to pull out the "nucleus of the bag," essentially a bag within a bag, and details the contents that hold everything together in a delicate balance. "I got a little bit of weed, cause I like that gas," she admits. And after the smoke session is a bag of Sour Trolls. "You can find me in the snack aisle" she declares. "I like Twizzlers, I like Icebreakers." There's plenty more bag space where that came from, and BIA makes sure to optimize it with an impressive level of organization. Check it out for yourself now, exclusively on In My Bag. 

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