André 3000 and Big Boi have been around for decades so it's wild that, this far into their careers, there are still so many untold stories from the inception of OutKast. During the latest episode of How To Roll, Big Boi, alongside Sleepy Brown, got into his personal smoking habits before telling an anecdote about himself and Three Stacks when they were younger. According to the legendary rapper, they tried to sell weed as a duo before André was robbed ten days into their stint, realizing that that life wasn't meant for them.

Speaking about when he started smoking regularly, Big Boi recalled how, with Three Stacks, he tried to be a weed dealer.

"I didn't start smoking-smoking until me and 3000 attempted to sell weed at school," said Big Boi before Sleepy Brown interjected, saying this is one of the funniest stories he's ever heard. "We sold weed for about ten days."

"They sold weed to us!" added Sleepy Brown. "They were staying with us at the house."

"What made us stop was Dre got robbed," explained Big Boi. "They cut Dre in the hand with a knife and Dre vowed to never sell weed after that. That's a fun fact, I don't think we've ever told that one."

Elsewhere during the interview, Big Boi revealed that André actually taught him how to roll, complimenting the creative genius on his precision.

Watch the latest episode of How To Roll with Big Boi and Sleepy Brown below and let us know what you think about his story about André 3000 getting robbed ten days into his career as a weed dealer.