This weekend has been particularly monumental for Hip-Hop with Tupac Shakur finally getting the biopic he rightfully deserves and ½ of duo OutKast, Big Boi, dropping his third solo project, Boomiverse, among other releases.

Back in 2013, Big Boi hopped on Reddit and revealed details surrounding the moment he first met Tupac alongside Andre 3000.

“The first time I met Tupac, we were opening for him in Ohio and he was pulling up to the hotel in a limousine, and he jumped through the partition of his limo and threw the car in park because the driver wouldn’t stop because he wanted to holler at me and Dre,” he wrote in the thread. “He almost tore up the transmission in the limo. Real life.”

Most recently, the Hip-Hop veteran disclosed that Tupac, a fan of OutKast himself, and the duo were actually supposed to hop in the booth together, a Hip-Hop lover's dream that never came to fruition.

“It was a good feeling," Big Boi recalled of his first encounter with Pac after a show as he spoke with HipHopDX on the red carpet at the All Eyez On Me premiere. "And after that we spoke and were suppose to do some music together. ...He’s one of the realest dudes I’ve ever met.”