Though Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar's animosity for one another never quite escalated into a full-blown beef on wax, the tension between both lyricists was well documented by astute listeners. Seemingly spurred by the infamous collaboration "Control," Sean and Kendrick proceeded to exchange shots across tracks like the former's "No More Interviews" and the latter's "The Heart Pt 4." Like naval warfare, it was a battle of subs. And while it was exciting to see elite emcees engaging in a bit of sparring, many wished the pair would simply bury the hatchet and start collaborating once again.

Lorne Thomson/Redferns/Getty Images

The day after unveiling his brand new album Detroit 2, Big Sean delivered his brand new single "Deep Reverance," featuring a posthumous verse from the late Nipsey Hussle. Considering how Nip's death ultimately served as a catalyst for Big Sean to reach out to his former collaborator, it's no surprise he used the new single to address the publicized feud.

"After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick, it wasn't even no real issues there to begin with," he confirms. "Lack of communication and wrong information from people fueled by their ego /  it's like mixin' flames with diesel /  energy crazy, I realized that it's a two-way street / what's comin' is goin', if it don't give you more, it drains you."

Hopefully, Sean's public address will put this one to rest for good, and the pair can proceed to reunite for a "Control" successor -- unless, of course, that simply sparks the whole thing all over again. In all seriousness, the mature take is a welcome look for Sean, who appears to be taking an introspective and honest approach for his fifth studio album. Check out "Deep Reverence" right here, and keep an eye out for Detroit 2 to land on September 4th.