Last week G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean dropped a new single, "Switch Up," featuring labelmate Common. This was shortly after their former labelmate, Kid Cudi, announced his departure from the crew. Given the content of "Switch Up," and Big Sean being on the G.O.O.D. Music team, some people thought Sean may have been taking shots at Cudi with his single. Now, Big Sean has dispelled those rumors for good, while talking to MTV News about the single.

Big Sean already commented on Cudder leaving the label, and showed his support for the rapper, whom he considers more than just a labelmate. However, in case that wasn't clear enough, Sean Don has now spoken out against rumors saying "Switch Up" was directed at Cudi. While talking to MTV News, Sean said of the timing of the two events, "it was just ironic that he announced he's leaving G.O.O.D. Music the same time we put the song 'Switch Up' out."

Sean continued to leave no room for doubt. "A lot of people were hitting up my Twitter like, 'Is this a Kid Cudi dis?'" Big Sean said. "Motherfucker that's the dumbest shit somebody could ever say. That's my fam. When I lost my Jesus piece Cudi gave me his Jesus piece. That's my brother."

He also spoke on the high-energy track itself, which will live on his upcoming Hall of Fame album,  "As thought provoking as the album is, me and Common just had fun on this track. We didn't think too much, we just went in, went hard — you know, pause," he said. "When I put it out, I did it for the believers and the people that's been rocking with me, fans of just real rap."

Sean Don also teased about a song with Kid Cudi on Hall of Fame. "That's my brother for life, he's on Hall of Fame — on an awesome song, rapping his ass off," Sean teased. "It's good times, it's deeper than that."