Big Sean is clearly feeling the Thanksgiving spirit today. Last year, the Detroit rapper set up shop at the River Rouge High School in Michigan, where he proceeded to hand out 2,000 turkeys, as well as sides and canned goods to families in need. The initiative was done as part of Tarence Wheeler’s All-Star Give Back, which has been organized by Wheeler for the past nineteen years; not only did the event bring out Sean, but also former NBA stars Gary Payton, Dave Bing, and Derrick Coleman. This year, Sean seemed determined to outdo himself, returning to River Rouge and handing out over 5,000 turkeys. 

Joined by his mother Myra, Big Sean spoke with WXYZ Detroit about the event, stating "This is the season to give. This is the season to be with family, the people you love, and this is my family. The whole city is my family. This is a great thing that we could do for people." You can catch the feature, which Sean retweeted on his Twitter feed, below.

On Twitter, Sean posted about the event, saying "I smiled so much today man. Too much love for everybody there! Blessed." Once turkey time was finished, Sean surprised a classroom with boxes full of free Foot Locker swag, including shoes and gift cards. You can catch some video of Sean's announcement below, which really serves to shine a positive light on the rapper. “I’m from the Detroit and I love everybody in here,” says Sean, addressing an emotional crowd. “Y’all got what it takes to boss up and take it further than I ever did or anyone ever did. Much love to y’all. That’s why we’re here supporting you, showing you that we care about you, and that we’re here for y’all.” It's always refreshing to see positive gestures in hip-hop, and Big Sean deserves some serious props for this one.