After months of singles, promotion and interviews, yesterday marked the release of Big Sean's hotly-anticipated third album, Dark Sky Paradise. Packing in tons of witty wordplay, Sean Don made what is probably the best album of his young career, and now comes the time to break the whole deluxe edition down in a new edition of "By The Numbers."

This time, in addition to lyrics, we look at the names behind the album's production, with Key Wane, Kanye West, DJ Mustard and DJ Dahi all playing a part on multiple tracks. Outside of that, we noticed that much of the album was devoted to Sean talking about women, his family, and the "Weed, money and liquor" he says he's "drowning in" on "Win Some, Lose Some." The Detroit native also references sports several times (though no Detroit teams or players) and name-drops a few celebrities. 

Listen to Dark Sky Paradise here, and check out our infographic below.