Big Sean is as big now as he thought he should be a few years ago. That means that he gets to work with the industry's top tier, like artists such as J-Lo, whom he recently was afforded the chance to work with. While talking to Rap-Up, he piped up on the subject of collaborating with the legendary singer, saying:

"It's legendary, J-Lo, 'Jenny from the Block,' she's like [an] O.G. You can't help but pay respect to an O.G. so she was there looking like she was my age, cool. She's cool man, she beautiful, talented, it's an honor."

Big Sean also talked about his recent singing lessons, inferring that his music will feature more singing from the rapper. On this, he said:

"For sure you're going to hear more singing from me. I don't know about the next album or whatever but I've been taking singing lessons and I've been getting good too man."

The subject switched over to his upcoming projects, signaling that his latest controversial music video was only the start of things to come. 

"Yeah, it's definitely more coming from first quarter, that was just a little warm up," He said. "We mean business for real, there's more coming from first quarter, I just dropped that to set the tone, let people know we ain't playing with these bitch ass niggas no more. [...The album is] well on the way. We've been in a great groove so you can expect some announcements sooner or later. We've been killing these features too. Ya'll going to hear some crazy shit."

Crazy, indeed. Check out the full interview below.