Big Sean surprised fans with four new tracks earlier this week, and so far the favorite among the bunch is the DJ Mustard, Kanye West, and DJ Dahi-produced, "I Don't Fuck With You". Coming off of a high profile break up with Glee star Naya Rivera recently, the ex-skewering track seemed to have the actress in its crosshairs, but Sean revealed to MTV it was actually written while they were together, well, most of it was.

"Everybody got someone that they feel like that about, and if not, you felt like that at a time in your life," said the newly signed Roc Nation rapper, explaining that he wasn't in a particularly negative mindset at the time.

"I wasn't angry. I actually wrote that while I was in a relationship. I wasn't bitter", he revealed, before admitting that he added a few lines when things went south. "Obviously after a few things went down I went back and changed a couple words, but mainly the song was already there. It's funny how things play out, but that song is an anthem."

Sean also explained the beat had more man power behind it then the production credits suggest. "Kanye and Mustard collabed on the beat with DJ Dahi, and Key Wane brought the sample to the table. It was a big team effort."

Watch the clip from the interview below.