If there's one thing everyone knows about Bill Belichick, it's that he doesn't like talking to the media. Throughout the span of his career, the New England Patriots head coach has been tight-lipped when it comes to anything that has to do with his team. Belichick has been enjoying the offseason as of late, spending most of his time with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday. Last night, Belichick was seen in West Hollywood with Holliday as they enjoyed a night out at Craig's.

There were a ton of paparazzi there, including TMZ who tried to ask the Patriots head coach a plethora of questions. Interestingly enough, Belichick was smiling from ear-to-ear the whole time, but he ultimately had nothing to say. That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody.

Belichick was asked about Tom Brady's recent trip to the ski slopes, although Bill had absolutely nothing to say about it. While Belichick didn't give us any real ammo with this video, it's just a testament to how reserved Belichick is. The way he runs his team is reminiscent of a mob boss keeping his men under control.

After a phenomenal season in which the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, Belichick is making sure he enjoys every single part of the offseason. He's earned it, after all.