Bill Nye was once a calm, cool and collected scientist back when he had his hit show Bill Nye the Science Guy. After a few years of hearing people - namely rapper B.o.B and NBA player Kyrie Irving - still question if planet Earth is round, Bill's seemingly had enough. 

The legendary scientist recently sat down with Complex's Khal and Frazier Tharpe to talk about any and all conspiracy theorists who think Earth is flat. Bill is just not having any of it in the interview where he brings the topic up right away - before anyone gets to it - that "Earth's not flat." He then explains how appealing these conspiracies may be, but wishes there were only 60 people who believed it so he could say "shut up and sit down."

He takes Kyrie as an example of someone who studies his basketball stats and goes to practice early to know the right moves. He re-watches his games to know how to get better, but he can't take photos of the Earth from space and use that as proper proof that this planet is not flat. 

"Since they can't see Florida from Manhattan, the world must not be flat or some freaking thing. It's just weird, it's the 21 century here people," he adds. Bill then  calls Kyrie, B.o.B and any other person who thinks the world is flat a "dumbass."

“The dismissal of so much human knowledge is crystallized that the Earth might be flat. It’s just saying, everyone we came before me is a dumbass and that’s wrong,” he says. “The passion, beauty, and joy – the PB&J of science – is you can do it for yourself. It’s not man, woman. It’s not recently from Africa, recently from Europe. It’s true for everyone—the Earth goes around the sun, the Earth is a ball.”

“And if you believe the flat Earth, go to the freaking edge, and take a picture. Post it on the ‘Gram.” Watch the full interview here