Imagine making fun of an 18-year-old woman for the way that she looks... 

Billie Eilish recently stepped out in Los Angeles, ditching her regularly baggy clothing for a low-key look. The pop star was seen in a beige camisole, matching shorts, and some Yeezy slides. The paparazzi-taken picture resulted in a number of disrespectful comments made by a largely-male audience about Billie's body, including one that has gone viral.

"In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30's wine mom body," wrote a troll on Twitter.

Billie's fans have been defending her from the hate, reminding people that she's still a teenager and that it's wildly inappropriate to be passing judgment on her body. Even if she were older, it would still be wrong.

Cardi B also faced similar body-shaming this week after she accidentally posted a topless picture of herself. People have been making jokes on social media about the size of her areolas, truly showing how little we have evolved as a people.

Billie hit back at her critics with a cryptic message, sharing yet another picture of herself in non-baggy clothing and writing: "Do you really wanna go back in time?"

The famed singer has been vocal about her stance on body-shaming, addressing her critics during a performance and sharing a video about it. 

She is currently gearing up for her first live performance in a long time, announcing a live-streamed concert on October 24.

See how people are fighting back against the body-shamers below.