Based on how the last few months have gone, Birdman likely isn't having the greatest year of his life so far. With a lot of time to turn around his recent misfortunes, the music mogul has one more L to add to his tally after reportedly agreeing to sell his Miami mansion because of defaulted payments on a loan. Although Birdman and Lil Wayne seem to be getting along well these days, perhaps working on new music together, the outcome of Wayne's lawsuit against Cash Money seems to have begun a domino effect for Baby as he was effectively forced out of his home.

The Blast is reporting that Birdman is selling his mansion to prevent it from being taken away from him in a lengthy court battle. The $13.5 million Miami property was the subject of a lawsuit against Birdman as a company named EMG Transfer Agent reportedly accused the rapper of borrowing $12 million and then defaulting on the payments. The lawsuit was granted and the property was eventually taken over from Birdman. Instead of going through with the court proceedings, Baby has decided to simply sell the mansion to a third party for $13.5 million.

This happens one week after the Cash Money Records co-founder lost in his lawsuit with Lil Wayne, prompting Universal to pay Weezy over $10 million. Birdman's home previously belonged to Scott Storch and has nine bedrooms, seventeen baths, two pools, a movie theater, gym, spa and more.