Birdman's been in the game for nearly 30 years and has managed to build one of the biggest empires in hip hop. He's been a driving force behind the success of artists like Lil Wayne and there's no doubt that his guidance helped shape Young Thuginto the superstar he is today. Birdman's run in the rap game is like none other and he's still standing today with wealth to show for it and plenty of stories to tell.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Birdman celebrates his 52nd birthday today. Even a few years into his 50s, Birdman is looking healthy as ever. The rapper shared a shirtless photo to the 'Gram that properly showcases his collection of tattoos including a portrait of Lil Wayne on his chest. "52 any weather built 2 last," he wrote, seemingly comparing his body to a Ford. "Evrryday of life is a BDAY #STUNNAMAN," he added. Being that he is Birdman, we'd only hope that after upwards of 30 years in hip-hop, he'd be treating every day as if were his birthday.

While Birdman has been relatively low-key in recent times, he has hinted at retiring in the future. Last summer, he hopped on Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne where he discussed releasingLike Father Like Son 2as a farewell project.