Though his reputation and integrity have been questioned on occasion, few can deny that Birdman, aka Baby, aka the Numba One Stunna, is a hip-hop legend. Having built the Cash Money from the ground up, Birdman discovered Lil Wayne, and helped bring Juvenile, Turk, BG, and Mannie Fresh into the mainstream eye. The classics are numerous, likewise are the trends set by the Cash Money Millionaires. To this day, their impact remains felt, with Birdman sitting somewhere at the top of the genealogical family tree. Now, the iconic rapper has come forward to declare himself royalty. 

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

"Really been doin this shit," writes Birdman, via IG. "#stunnaman original uptown shit #king of hip hop yung Stunna." The accompanying picture finds Birdman when he was just a Birdboy, posted up alongside some decorative plants. From the look of it, it would appear some networking is at play, no surprise given his nature as a businessman.

The throwback pic paints a picture of simpler times, and it's hard not to feel a little pang of nostalgia for some of those early Cash Money tunes. Say what you will about Birdman, but he's done some massive things for hip-hop. Upon declaring himself King, would you pledge fealty to Birdman?