Birdman's had a few legal issues on his plate lately. EMG Transfer Agent sued Birdman last year, claiming the mogul never paid back his $12M loan and put up his Miami mansion up as collateral. Several personal items from Birdman's home were allegedly taken from him and placed in storage once his legal battle with EMG Transfer Agent began, and now, he's fighting to get some of his belongings back.

According to The Blast, Birdman is currently fighting to get a few personal items and belongings returned to him after they were seized following the start of their legal battle. A court-order receiver placed Birdman's personal property in storage while Birdman's Florida home was being repaired. Birdman claims the property taken from him including old stereo engineering equipment, a pool table, 70+ pairs of shoes, a box of sweatpants, a box of baby pants as well as fourteen sweaters. Additionally, he's seeking to retrieve several music awards that he's received over the years including a BET Award, MTV Awards and more as well as plaques for Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

Birdman accuses the lender who's suing him of refusing to give him back his items. He believes they don't have any right to have seized any of the things that was in his former mansion. 

Birdman has already decided that he was going to counter-sue EMG Transfer. He alleges they provided a fake loan and demanded the lawsuit be thrown out.

In the suit, Birdman is demanding “the return of all money or property given as earnest money or down payment." He is also seeking the termination of loan as well as the return of finance charges and unspecified damages.