It seems that Birdman has finally discovered his charitable side. After finally settling his lawsuit with Lil Wayne, freeing Wayne from his label purgatory and granting him a reported eight-figure settlement, Birdman was spotted giving away even more just for the fun of it. 

In a video posted on Instagram, Birdman demonstrates just how good a friend he can be by handing his friend a plastic bag containing what seems to be $200K in straight cash. That would be a pretty nice gift for any occasion, but the casualness of the whole transaction makes it feel like this isn't the first time Birdman has done this. Some people might think that he came off as rude, but in all likelihood he was flexing for the camera. 

He captioned the post with, "Day 1 uptown shit 4L @hotboyog333 been doin this shit CMRG ORIGINAL HOTBOY #STUNNAMAN STUNNAISLAND 💰." It seems that if you're one of Birdman's day 1 homies, you're going to get paid. That is, unless your name was Lil Wayne. 

While it's very generous of Birdman to bless out his homies like that, he might want to reconsider his spending habits now that he's settled his lawsuit with Wayne. He's already gotten started by putting his $13.5 million mansion up for sale, which should help cover the blow. That being said, Birdman is never without a new hustle, so his friends will probably keep getting more plastic bags in the future. 

Check out the video of Birdman's style of friendship down below.